October 29th, 2007

Supernatural: Halloween 2007

Ah, Halloween. That time of the year when even grown-ups are allowed to dress up and play-act without being hauled off by the police. Apparently, Sam and Dean decided to get into the spirit of things (or more likely, because I made them).

Dean gets to be Batman, because I figured as a kid, he’d think Batman is cooler. Actually, most people my generation think Batman is cooler. And better yet if Dean reads Frank Miller’s ‘All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder’. That crazy, cracked-out version of Batman will probably tickle his fancy – “Who do you think I am? I’m the goddamn Batman!”

I took a poll a few weeks ago asking those on my friends list to vote for the ‘characters’ that I should draw for this year’s Halloween fanart. Originally, the Superman/Batman vote won out, but later on a bunch of you strange people jumped in to vote the other way instead. Oh well – too late for that – I already finished this fanart by then!

Imagine if I waited it out. You guys will be seeing Sam running around in tiny green panties instead :D

Just be glad I didn’t add the poll option of, say, Batman/Catwoman or something like that.

I rather wanted to send this as a postcard to the cast and crew of Supernatural for the Supernatural Postcard Project. However, I can’t do digital colouring for nuts, so I had to skip the idea. I think they will be glad not to find such a weird postcard arriving all the way from Singapore anyway!

IMPORTANT: I’ve not seen a single episode of Season 3 so far. C&C is much adored, but please refrain from posting any spoilers!

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