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July 30th, 2008

DC Universe: Superman/Batman/Robin – ‘Training’

Based on the fanfic Training.

Bruce couldn’t take his eyes off the vision before him. Kent, in full workout gear, sweating…a lot. The man’s stunning muscle structure rippled as he raised and lowered the bar. Even in the dappled half light of the cave, possibly more so because of it, the play of sinew beneath skin was almost hypnotic. Bruce longed to touch that undulating flesh, to run his hands over it. To explore its texture, to…

At that moment Robin, who was delectably balanced on the weights Kent was lifting piped in with, “Come on, Two more! You can…”

Daydream broken, Bruce growled “Five more! Unless Mister Kent is done playing hero.” Bruce raised a sardonic eyebrow with the last part of that statement.

Outwardly, he projected a calm, almost disapproving visage. Inwardly, he smiled. Yes, five more times to watch those broad shoulders. Five more times to indulge his eyes in this visual treat before him. His fingers almost twitched as he suppressed their desire to stroke Kent’s glistening skin. This afternoon’s training should be something more… physically involving, maybe sparing? Judo? Yes, that would be interesting.

Going for younger-looking Bruce and Clark since they are both probably within the first 3 years of their respective careers. Not sure if it works, though! And from my drawing, I’m sure everyone can tell that I’ve never lifted weights my entire life.

I couldn’t replicate Dick’s hand-balancing act on the bar given the size of my drawing paper, so I changed him into doing a balanced crouch instead.

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