February 14th, 2009

Avatar: Zuko/Katara – ‘Family’

I watched the ‘Avatar’ cartoon series sporadically – never really saw it from end to end. Then for some odd reason I decided to go check it out (is it because a number of Naruto fans are also in the Avatar fandom?).

I can never seem to enter a fandom without an OTP for it. Despite being spoiled about the ending of the cartoon series, I decided to keep waving the Zutara flag, baby! Because a political marriage between the Fire Nation and the Water Tribes intrigues me to no ends. I’ve read a lot of fanfics on this idea, with about 50-50 of them split between Katara being all “RAWR – not going to marry the Fire Lord!” and Katara resigning to her fate and turning into a Fire Nation woman.

How about a happier alternative instead? Katara continues to keep her heritage (Zuko won’t say a thing about it if he knows what’s good for him), and she provides him with an heir. And turtleducks. Lot of turtleducks. Because every other fic uses them as SYMBOLS OF LOVE for the Zutara fandom :D ;;

I think I’ve pretty much read all the well-known Zutara post-series fics, but feel free to send in suggestions!

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